1929 Ford Model A Phaeton

Meet Gladys. She came into the hands of her current owner several years ago as a Lost Soul.

Where I am the Finder of Lost Automotive Souls, my friend is the Fixer.

He took this sorry example of a barn find Ford Phaeton and went through her. He has a folder of receipts, notes and photos documenting every aspect of what he's done to her to bring her back.

She had been sitting for years, uncared for, when the current owner came upon her. He swept her off her wheels and started a relationship that lasted several years. Although her body overall was solid, he went through and hammered out dents, cleaned, repaired, painted and got her presentable.

The flat head 4 cylinder came out and was rebuilt, the 3 speed manual transmission was checked over. The body came off and her frame was treated to a spa day along with all the mechanicals that were either rebuilt or replaced. Once operational, they were painted and reinstalled. The engine was dropped back in and then the body and fenders were painted a dark wedgewood blue/ black respectively. He did the paint and he doesn't own a professional auto body shop so, there are some minor flaws here and there, some of which can be rectified with a color sand and some buffing, there is a dry/light spot on the left side of the upper hood.

Turn the key, pull the choke, adjust the timing, hit the started button and she fires right off w/o hesitation. Adjust down the choke and timing and she settles into a very steady, comfortable idle.

Into gear and away she goes. Double clutching as there are no syncros, she shifts smoothly and trundles right along, almost effortlessly. The ticking you hear in the driving video is the camera vibrating against the windshield.

The wire wheels are new but the Coker tires are not and should be replaced for regular driving, despite being a tube tire. They're a 5x21.

In terms of electronics, 1929 didn't offer much. No heated seats here. The lights are a three position (running, low beam and high beam) and all three work. The horn works as do the gauges.

Her major need is to attend some finishing school for her to be a proper lady.

Gladys is running topless, not befitting for a lady of the 20's and her interior is almost non existent. There is some cushion and a sheet wrapped around it for the front seat and the back seat isn't there. Sourcing these items shouldn't be too difficult given the number of these that were built, the clubs and parts resources out there. She also needs the interior panels for the doors, etc.

A great car to get into and enjoy as she is, however, if you're mechanically inclined bringing Gladys back to her glory days should be a fun exercise, much like Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew or the more famous My Fair Lady.

Several extra parts come with her as well, including the original rear window, a second transmission, numerous gaskets and small trim bits and an exhaust heater.

The asking price for Gladys is $9800.

Any questions, to schedule a time to meet her in person, or to make an offer, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for the interest.